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spicy Hot & Spicy

The Vegetarian Delight Menu

Beef and Pork made of gluten, Chicken made of soy bean tofu


Edamame 4.50
Vegetable Spring Roll (2) 3.50
Steamed Vegetable Dumplings (6) 5.95
Fried Vegetable Dumplings (6) 5.95


Miso Soup (For 2) 3.75
Vegetable Soup (For 2) 5.50
House Vegetable Soup (For 2) 5.95
Lettuce Soup (For 2) 5.50

Temple Delights

Eggplant w. Cashew Nuts 10.55
Broccoli w. Straw Mushrooms 10.55
Bean Curd w. Straw Mushrooms 10.55
Snow Peas & Bok Choy w. Straw Mushroom 10.55
spicy Szechuan Style Bean Curd 10.55

Monk Special

spicy Monk's Hunan Beef 10.95
Monk's Beef with Broccoli 10.95
spicy Monk's Kung Pao Beef 10.95
spicy Monk's Yu-Shiang Pork 10.95
Monk's Pork w. Black Bean Sauce 10.95
Monk's Chicken w. Cashew Nuts 10.95
spicy Mink's Kung Pao Chicken 10.95
spicy Monk's General Tso's Chicken 10.95
Monk's Fish with Vegetable 10.95
Monk's Pork with String Bean 10.95
spicy Monk's Four Season Beef 10.95
Monk's Moo Shu Chicken 10.95
spicy Monk's Double Cooked Pork 10.95
spicy Monk's Orange Chicken 10.95


Moo Shu Vegetable 9.55
spicy String Beans Szechuan Style 9.55
spicy Broccoli in Garlic Sauce 9.55
Sauteed Mixed Vegetable 9.55
spicy Mapo Bean Curd 9.55
Bean Curd Home Style 9.55
Snow Peas Supreme 9.55
Bean Curd with Cashew Nuts 9.55
spicy Crispy Eggplant 9.55
Broccoli in Oyster Sauce 9.55
spicy Kung Pao Bean Curd 9.55